Just only cream different from other for radiant healthy skin.
The powerful from botanical
and all of sensitive skin can be used.

Take it easy

All in one formula that nourish healthy skin and rejuvenation smooth skin. Even though your face is breaking out you will be have beautiful skin with Pix botanic


Even if we can not change heredity but we can nourish skin to healthy and perfect. Because all skin problems aren’t born with.

Botanical Extracts

The powerful of plant. The organic formula from botanical.

PIX Botanic Super Serum

The best formula of pix. The most youthful with special micro molecules
7% Sodium Hyaluronate 8,000 Da

PIX Botanic Clean

If your face got nourish with the best serum but breaking out because wash one’s face whereas think about all cleanser can use. In fact the skin got cumulative problem. So the skin was effective following both wrinkles and acne incurable.

Pix flower body clean

Only pix flower that sweet fresh until you would like to take a bath on all day. From Mimosa and Eucalyptus were imported with modernism and philosophical fragrance from rose on mountains.

PIX Botanic Shampoo

Nourishment and silky hair. Also contribute to acne treatment


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