Botanical Name : Aloe barbadensis Mill.
Common name : Wan hang jorakae
(Thai Name)
Family name : ALOACEAE
Part used : Leave

Aloe vera is a long – living herbaceous plant that is popularly grown as an ornamental and herbal plant. In traditional Thai medicine, the extract from yellowish
resin is used as a remedy for swelling and inflammation, caused by burns, scalds, sunburn and insect bites. In addition aloe vera can be used as an astringent and
The most used part of aloe vera is gel, which contains polysaccharide and glucomanine. These two substances are mainly used for emolliency, protection against UV rays,
and moisturization. The most commonly used products are aftersun cream and liquid soaps. A composed of Polysaccharide and barbaloin, is used to protect skin and hair from
sunlight caused oxidation and dehydration.

Properties & Application
– Moisturizing cream
– Hand lotion
– Pray form and massage lotion
– Anti-ageing cream
– Acne cream
– sunscreen products