Botanical name : Bambusa vulgaris
Family name : POACEAE
Thai name : Golden Bamboo,
Phai-Luang (in Thai)
Part Use : Leaves

Bambusa vulgaris is also known as Common Bamboo, Golden Bamboo, Buddha’s Belly Bamboo and Phai-Luang (in Thai), which are found largely in tropical and subtropical areas of Asia, especially in the wet Tropics. Golden Bamboo is moderately loose clumps and has no thorns. It has lemon-yellow stems with green stripes and dark green leaves. The leave of bamboo have been use in tradition Chinese and Indian medicine for treating fever, detoxification, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidation. Bamboo leaves contain flavonoilds such as luteolin, rutin and tricin. Today, bamboo extract in cosmetics trends, comes mainly from leaves in liquid form.

– Hair Nourishment.
– Antioxidant and lessening free radical damage.
– Anti-inflammatory activity.
– Anti-bacterial.

– This extract is applicable in traditional medicine, available in capsule and herbal tea products. Cosmetic product such as soap, shampoo, hair conditioner, cream and lotion.