PIX botanic

from Natural Extract

If you not be congested spending, you can use Pix Botanic which resulted in radiant skin. Please read through because this formula stress for best results with concentration, fluid texture than usual, tight skin or smell of concentrate extract by not have conceal this smell.

Our natural face and eye serum designed for the most sensitive skin. Nutrient-Rich powerful botanical extracts and sodium hyaluronate work together to naturally boost moisture levels, improve the skin’s texture, even out skin tone, reduce fine lines, restore more youthful-looking and add luminosity to the skin.

Face complexion

Because all formulas of PIX provide better nourishing so, you can use only one.

The best formula and most quickly results which have a soft texture

ultra-sensitive skin

White Fast

suitable all complexions

very dry skin

Use in the night for very sensitive dry skin

Sunscreen the most tenderness

  • Super Serum
    The best formula and most quickly results which have a soft texture.
  • Essence
    For the ultra-sensitive skin which is the most gentle focused provide moisturizing.
  • Serum
    The most lightness is suitable for all complexions.
  • Cream
    These are more sticky than serum for very dry skin.
  • Night
    The second best formula from super serum that provides maximum moisturizing. Use in the night or apply in the day for very sensitive dry skin.
  • Sun
    Sunscreen lightly formula that the most tenderness.

Cleansing serum

The gentle formula cleans only oil and always provide moisturizer.


The gentle shower serum

Nourishment body complexion

Reduce sweat, deodorize

  • Body Serum
    Nourishment your body complexion soft texture to rapid absorbed, use them instead of lotion.


Tenderness formula to reduce acne both face and body. Nourishing hair without use conditioner.

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